New Year, New You!

December 26, 2022

As I sit here amongst my family during the 2022 holiday season, I’m taking those few moments of silence and clarity to reflect on the year and all that came with it. So many moving parts this year in order to be where I as a licensed therapist wanted to be at the end of this year. While I still have more to accomplish, and the year is not quite over, I want to take this time to congratulate and give myself a “pat on the back” for all that has been done in 2022.

One may ask why am I doing this. I’ve have always understood that to respect yourself and appreciate the good things that one does, one must say to themselves “well done and I’m proud of what you have accomplished this year”. Just doing this is such a great way to start the new year for one’s self.

So why is this important to do? Well, it’s part of the journey. Whether it’s a journey of change or a journey of consistency, change is inevitable. So, if change is coming up for you, and if it is career one, this may the opportunity you may have to make change for the better. In the end, it will always be a new year, and a new you. Happy New Year to all and have a prosperous 2023.