Fear: The emotion that can hold us back to our next chapter in life

One of the most important things that I had recently learned from changing career paths is how fear can hold one back to move forward. Before I started this, I was in the jewelry business for over twenty five years. My time in that industry has taught me so much about myself, but more important how I would see work or a “job” as not just something that make money to pay bills and live a life.

When I made my decision, one thing that kept me moving forward to career changing was what could my future look like. While staying present and aware of my current surroundings, situations, and accountabilities, I just took some time sitting down and visualizing and writing down what I wanted in the next five years. When I decided that massage therapy was my direction, I took that time to see what my career would look like in five years. My “long term” goals was to use the first five years of my career to develop my craft and develop a following clientele base. I can safely say that I am thanking myself for doing this. If it for wasn’t to create a vision of what my life would look like, I would still be in the decision making phase to make a decision. With the support of other saying that I can make it in this industry, I made the decision and it was one of the best career decisions that I have every made. I no do not consider this as a “job”, but more as a way of life serving others for the greater of humanity. Now, I feel that this is where I’m suppose to be.

If you’re having difficulty making decisions, take time for yourself. Sit back, visualize what it would look like being a licensed professional massage therapist. If you see what you are visualizing, you may be ready for the next step. Trust me, your future self will thank you.