The Leap

Before I begin the discussion of the journey of The Leap,  I want to give gratitude to everyone out there that is an impact in my life that has brought me to the passion and drive that I have to be a massage therapy instructor.  This year I learned a lot about myself and my alignment to become a massage therapy instructor and develop this beautiful, new massage school here in Houston.  I am grateful to all that helped create this school and I promise that my work here will help develop licensed professional massage therapists and help create their “journey” in this life.  And for that, I would like to talk about “the leap” that we all have within ourselves.

It wasn’t too long that I made my leap.  For twenty five years, I was a proud jewelry retail employee for two great jewelry companies. In that twenty fifth year, I was at a place where my love for this industry had waned, and my drive to and from work became a job.  I recently heard in some television show that a cast member’s script made him say “being a poet is not a job or profession, but a way of life”.  This has resonated on how I felt back near the end of my jewelry career and how that profession for me was not a way of life, but just more of a job.  A great job during my time working there!  I cannot thank enough how much business experience I learned and how grateful I am to have this knowledge to share in my classes!  But, it wasn’t a way of life. 

So I took “my leap”, gave my notice to the jewelry industry and quickly enrolled in a massage school for eight months. 

Since then I’ve become a licensed massage therapist, medical massage practitioner, and licensed massage instructor. I can say that  I have physically, mentally, and spiritually seen a transition in me that clearly aligns with my profession.  I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, and now understand that quote even more.  My way of life wraps around with how I approach my sessions with my clients.  I meditate to clear my mind and set my professional approach before my day starts.  I do yoga to keep my body limber and fit (along with the hours of massage sessions under my belt that helped me lose thirty pounds!).  And I’ve learned breathing techniques that have increased my energy to be at my best for each session.  So yes, I can say that like a poet, being a massage therapist is a way of life.